Safety and protection are among the top priorities here at 509 Electric. We understand that electricity is necessary, but can also be dangerous if not handled wisely. To this end, we try our utmost in ensuring that all our wiring and electrical work is in accordance with our safety laws. If your home requires a Safety Inspection, we provide qualified technicians and evaluators who can assess the minor as well as significant risks in your home. What’s more, we will carve out custom-made solutions for these risks and problems so that you and your family are safe and risk-free.

How do you know when to schedule a safety inspection? Here are some signs and symptoms that will start appearing when a home inspection is due.

  1. You just moved into a new house that was occupied by another person/family.
  2. There are unusual and audible noises that come out from outlets and circuits.
  3. Flickering and dimming of bulbs and lights happen regularly.
  4. Whenever a fuse blows, or your circuit breakers stop functioning.
  5. The house is older than four decades.
  6. Your home just underwent a significant remodelling and renovation.
  7. You just bought a new electrical appliance or equipment that requires a lot of power and electricity to run.

Apart from the necessary safety procedures, we also offer a variety of additional protective setups that will keep you safe from accidental shocks. Our tools and methods are all updated with the latest regulations and laws, so you don’t have to worry about what is new and useful. We can install Surge Protection in your home and outlets so that you can rest easy when using heavy appliances that consume more power than others.

Irrespective of whether you need a blanket home-inspection, or want to check out a particular corner of electrical circuits, our safety and inspection team will give you an accurate assessment of your home’s electrical safety and liability.

Just give us a call, and our inspection team will be over in no time!