Remodeling your home is an exciting experience. As you begin to add and remove different components to your house, you will find that re-installing the power and electrical fittings can become a hassle. This can put a damper on the exhilaration of creating a new home. You can put your worries to rest because here at 509 electric, we provide technicians who are skilled and equipped to create any electrical and wiring plan that will fit your new home plans.

Each home re-modelling plan brings its own requirements and risks. We want to make sure that, as far as your electrical needs are concerned, you get a safe and comprehensive electrical plan that fits your new home settings.

If you want to take that extra step and set up specific electrical equipment, our service also specializes in specific electrical setups. For instance, home entertainment systems add value and quality to your home, but they come with a lot of meticulous electrical wiring. 509 Electric will provide you with the most efficient wiring arrangement that will give you the complete home entertainment experience. Home-theaters and audio-visual systems that require skilled wiring work are all included in our services.

A lot of times, re-modelling a home implies new lighting systems. Lighting is crucial, not just for luminosity, but because they can create a specific ambience and atmosphere in your home. 509 Electric’s comprehensive service will provide you assistance in setting up all your lighting needs, along with the associated electrical requirements.
Contact us for any electrical needs in your home remodeling plan.