Generators have proved to be crucial sources of power when we experience power cuts. Having a power backup is vital because you do not want to be caught off-guard when disaster strikes. It is way better to be ready and prepared than to face regret later. If you do decide to invest in a backup generator, you want a qualified technician to make the right connections and correctly install the equipment. 509 Electric provides quick and convenient installations so that you do not waste time and energy figuring out how to do it.

Generators usually come in two varieties. And it is essential to know the uses and differences in both before you decide which one to purchase.

  1. Portable Generators
    These are the type of generators that can be transported from one spot to another. They are especially useful if you require backup in different locations around your home or premises. It takes away the need to move around your electrical appliances or equipment all the way to where the generator is located.Another advantage is that they are not as expensive as the other variety, so you save money on the investment too.Portable Generators are usually cumbersome to carry around. And they run on fuel such as gasoline, which means makes the motor loud and disruptive to nearby areas.
  2. Permanent Generators (Standby backup)
    These types of generators are called Standby or Permanent because they are installed as long-term stationary equipment next to your house. The power is supplied through wires fitted directly to your home’s electrical circuits. The most convenient aspect of this type of generator is that they automatically detect whenever there is an outage, and start supplying power to your house and appliances.These type of generators are more expensive than their portable counterparts. But they also provide more consistent power, and can support more appliances and equipment than the portable generators. They are also much quieter, which means they do not disturb the surrounding areas too much.

Regardless of which variety of generator you purchase, it is vital to have technical expertise as you fit, install, and connect it to your home’s electricity. Pack up that phone and call us or schedule an appointment right here on our site if you want the best assistance in installing power backup.