Our experience in upgrading electrical parts and equipment in a variety of homes and houses has revealed that each home is unique and each house requires a careful strategy. This is especially true when it comes to older homes. Homes that have been around for a long time carry a heritage and history within their walls. It is essential to keep your electrical fittings up-to-date so that your modern day conveniences are not compromised.

We offer a comprehensive variety of upgrades of electrical panels and parts with minimal home-intrusion. Older homes may suffer from a wide range of electrical issues. Some of these problems include outlets that stop working, breakers that pop, panel wires that fall out of place or become entangled, etc.

Studies show that panel upgrades are usually due in homes that were constructed back in the 1960s. Since circuit breakers had not been introduced back then. Your home may also be scheduled for an upgrade if the electrical service in your house does not exceed 100 Amperes. Another situation where you may need a panel upgrade is if you recently built an additional electrical section that does not align with the other older circuits in your home.

Whatever the situation or context, 509 Electric is determined to create a custom-made solution that will handle all your upgrades and fixtures. We intend to make sure that your home provides all the power and electricity that the modern household deserves.

Contact us for your tailor-made upgrades through our out website or call us on the helpline.