Project Overview: Electrical Expertise at

509 Electric is excited to highlight our recent project at Double Diamond Fruit in Quincy, WA. This undertaking showcases our electrical expertise and our role in modernizing agricultural operations.

Key Project Highlights:

Electrical Installation for New Apple Bagging Sizer: While we did not install the Greefa sizer itself, our critical contribution was in the electrical installation for this new system. Our team’s work ensured that the sizer, provided by United Sales of Yakima, WA, was fully operational and integrated with existing infrastructure.

Comprehensive Electrical Circuitry and Equipment Hookup: Our skilled electricians were responsible for the entire electrical setup, including the installation of all necessary circuits. We effectively connected and integrated key components such as the Haley baggers and Hytrol conveyor lines, ensuring they worked seamlessly within the new system.

Electrical Work for Building Extension: A significant part of our project involved the electrical aspects of a new building extension at Double Diamond Fruit. This included relocating existing electrical setups and installing new systems for two additional cold storage rooms. Our work not only expanded the facility’s capabilities but also enhanced its overall efficiency.

At 509 Electric, we pride ourselves on precision, adherence to industry standards, and our ability to meet the unique needs of our clients in the agricultural sector. The project at Double Diamond Fruit stands as a testament to our expertise in electrical installations and our commitment to advancing agricultural operations.

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