Electrical car charging stations–Which one is right for you?

Did you know that within the next decade, more than half of all new vehicles on the market will be Electric? With new advancements and innovation in battery technology, Electric cars are becoming more available and financially accessible to the general population. However, there is one caveat to owning an electric vehicle. Just like a phone, or any other battery sustainable electronics—Electrical cars must be charged. There are currently three kinds of Electrical car chargers on the market: level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.



Level 1 (residential)
Often referred to as the basic charging station. It’s essentially just a 120v plug-in such as the ones you would find on a washer or refrigerator attached to a long cord with the car charging plug in at the other end; this makes it easy to transport if you move or traveling. However, the 120v plug is only capable of providing 1 to 1.5 kWh (Kilowatt Hours) to the vehicle. For a hybrid, this means 3-7 hours of charge time, but for a Battery exclusive vehicle, it could be 8-20 hours to reach a full charge depending on the vehicle. Also, unless your garage already has a 120v receptacle though, you may have to call an Electrician out to add a new dedicated circuit.




Level 2 (residential, Commercial) 
At 3.3 to 7.4 kWh and 240V, this type of charger is much faster than the basic Level 1. Meaning that a complete charge can be achieved in 3 to 8 hours for most vehicles on the market. This much quicker charging capability makes this type of charger great for both home and commercial businesses. Installation, however, requires a charging station to be hardwired into the wall and an electrician will have to assess if you have the power capabilities to your home or building. If not, further upgrades may be necessary to your panel, or service. Of course, doing so will also increase your property value, so it’s a win-win.




Level 3 (commercial)
As a business owner, it may be the perfect time to invest in an Electric car charging station. The 480V Charging station can charge a hybrid in 5 to 20 minutes (80% charge), and a Battery exclusive car in 10-30 (80%), making this the fastest kind of charging station on the market. While it requires a much more complicated installation, it’s an excellent way to drum up business, especially if you’re in the green market. While customers charge their cars, they’ll be encouraged to come inside and look around or eat if at a restaurant. At this moment in time, while Electrical cars are still up and coming, it could set your business apart and be good for encouraging repeat visits and lifelong customers. Also, if that wasn’t enough, charging stations can enhance property values and bring in additional revenue.

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