Here at 509 Electric, an essential part of our vision is to ensure that our clients and customers enjoy a sustained level of reliable electrical service. Just as your other parts of the building require maintenance and servicing, in the same way, your electrical components and equipment also need timely check-ups and assessment.
Our purpose goes beyond the initial set-up because we also offer maintenance and repair services for when your electrical components require tune-ups and repairs to continue at peak performance. 509 Electric’s technicians and professionals can provide timely assessment and repair of any electrical element that requires touch-ups. We do it in such a way that it does not interfere with your scheduled processes, so that your business and production is not affected.

Regular repairs

The electrical components in your commercial building are also subject to depreciation. The overall quality and impression of your commercial building can be spoilt because of the small complaints that are not addressed on time.
We offer expertise in repairing parts that have decreased in performance because of wear and tear. Our service is quick and prompt so that you do not lose any time or money on waiting for services to reach you.

Replacement of electrical components

The functionality of your building also relies a lot on each electrical part doing its job. Faulty outlets, burnt wires, expired bulbs, and LEDs, etc. can affect the business or activities that take place in your building. In addition to our maintenance and service, we can also provide you with the replacement for old components.

Inspection and maintenance

To make sure that your commercial building is functioning at the optimum level, you can enlist our inspection and support services. The great thing about securing an inspection appointment is that we can detect and identify liabilities before they even occur. These checks will save you a ton of time and energy. We will ensure that any impending risks or potential hazards are dealt with before they grow into a real problem.

For this and any of our other services, you can schedule appointments here on our website, or contact us on the phone number given here.

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