At 509 Electric, we offer a unit of trained, skilled, and experienced technicians who will take care of all your electrical needs. We also pride ourselves in the efficiency with which we coordinate with other teams in the construction of a commercial building. The first wiring and lighting are crucial when it comes to a new commercial complex, and we are committed to deliver reliable and efficient solutions.

Superior Electrical service

As a business owner or property owner, getting your electrical needs fitted correctly from the beginning is crucial in the success of your new commercial complex. We take the utmost care in ensuring that our services align with your requirements. This means providing excellent service down to the tiniest detail.
Furthermore, we offer follow-up services and inspection to make sure that all the electrical components in your building are in the best condition. You can also avail any of our upgrades and repair services whenever you need them.

Superior lighting

Lighting is more essential today than ever. The purpose of lighting has evolved beyond luminosity and visibility. Today, it determines the mood and atmosphere of a room or building. Our services ensure that all your lighting connections are immaculate and efficient. Here at 509 Electric, we believe that the quality of your business is not just seen in brick and mortar, but also in your lights and ambiance.

Communication and safety

Another essential feature of a commercial building is how effective the security provisions are. This includes the communication systems that are set in place for proper management and functioning of the building. We will promptly install any electrical components that need to be in place for these systems to function efficiently. This will ensure that both your building safety, as well as communication systems, are up and running correctly, to facilitate sound business and satisfied clients.

Building new commercial sites is always an exciting venture. You can make use of our skilled services to makes sure that the electrical aspects of your new building can support all varieties of appliances, equipment, and power needs.

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