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Greetings! We offer and provide comprehensive solutions for all of your electrical needs, and we deliver quality service with skilled electrician.

Installing and maintaining proper electrical facilities in your home or business is one of the most crucial factors in having a comfortable home or a thriving business. A lot of times, minor electrical problems like a malfunctioning outlet, faulty wiring, a popping fuse, flickering bulbs and lights, etc. can become more than small annoyances. They can seriously affect the productivity, efficiency, and general mood of your office

or home. Undergoing a new major construction will bring the need for extensive electrical plans and requirements that can seem overwhelming as well.

Whatever your situation, 509 Electric is prepared to make a quality assessment of your needs, and deliver in-depth electrical solutions for your context. We provide an array of professional electricians, cutting-edge tools and tech, and customer-oriented services that cover residential, commercial, as well as industrial needs. The following is a broad overview of what we offer and how we work.


Residential Services

Yakima Electrical Contractor

We offer a comprehensive plan of services for your individual and residential electrical needs in Yakima, WA. We cover basic and advanced electrical repairs, provide solutions for panel upgrades as well as remodeling needs. We also offer power backup installations so that you never run out of power even during emergencies. Finally, our residential service includes an extensive home inspection plan which can detect and fix issues before they become a big problem. At 509 Electric, no electrical problem is too mundane or so overwhelming, because we provide the most reliable service regardless of what the electrical problem is.

Commercial Services

Residential Electrical Services

We also provide a host of commercial electrical services that are suited to any commercial building or complex. We have solutions for new commercial buildings that require reliable and comprehensive electrical plans. We ensure that your new construction is fitted with the best and most suitable electrical components so that you commercial complex has the infrastructure to thrive in a competitive market. As your commercial building grows, we can also provide timely

servicing and maintenance solutions. Sustaining a large commercial building can be tedious work, leave the electrical components to 509 Electric electricians so that, instead of worrying about these technical aspects, you can dedicate more of your time on your business. Our LED lighting solutions can also upgrade all your existing lights so that you have a building that is brighter, more energy-efficient, and more productive.

Industrial Services

Besides our Residential and Commercial services, we also offer expertise in industrial electrical services. Our solutions cover a wide range of industrial services which includes Electric Drawings as well as electrical services for new constructions. We also specialize in setting up and installing automated components for your business. The associated services with automation include a comprehensive Control Panel set up as well as PLC programming solutions. Ranging from basic electrical needs to more advanced electrical

components, we will ensure that your industrial unit is initiated and sustained at a level that gives reliable and high-performance results. For any of our electrical services, you can easily make an appointment here on our website, or use the phone number given to speak to one of our customer reps or executives.

Whatever your requirements, 509 Electric is committed in using our skill and resources to give you the best electrical plans and services.


I had the privilege of working with 509 Electric in my last project. Professional, dynamic, and Electrifying (pun intended). 10/10 would call for their assistance again. Awesome team!

Tyrone Henderson

509 Electric has been consistent and steady in their service. A lot of services out there today have surges of success and then die down. Here’s one company that has constantly delivered. More power to you guys.

Arnie Strum

In the immortal words of the great John .H. Frickle, “509 Electric is the best service in the world!!” OK, I made that up haha! Seriously though, you guys are the best!

Ricky B